Galata Tower - Istanbul
Galata Tower - Istanbul

Galata Tower is a magnificent work where Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi, who is located in Galata District of Istanbul, tries to fly to Uskudar from here.

You can watch the view of Istanbul with all its nakedness from the sixty-seven-meter tall tower. It is not known exactly when and by whom, but it was used as an observatory and prison in history.

Transportation to the tower located in the center of the city can be easily provided. You reach the tower, which is reached by the elevator, by passing the narrow stairs on the last two floors. A cafe and restaurant welcomes you at the top. Alcoholic beverages cannot be sold as it belongs to the municipality. In the evening, you can sip your tea with Turkish tunes and watch the Istanbul view.

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History of Galata Tower

Istanbul, known by the name of Byzantium and then Constantinople until the Conquest, was founded on the historical peninsula surrounded by the Marmara Sea in the south, the Bosphorus in the east and the Golden Horn in the north.

History of Galata Tower
History of Galata Tower

The Galata is a part of the fortification that was built to protect Galata around this location, which has been called ‘Galata’ since ancient times.

After the conquest, the Galata Tower, which was damaged from time to time by earthquakes and other reasons, was given its present shape in the repair made during the 2nd Mahmut period.

In the middle of the 14th century, the Tower, built by Genoese for defense purposes, was used as a shelter for prisoners employed in the shipyard in the 16th century. In the 18th century, a Mehterhane Quarry was placed in the Galata Tower in charge of notifying midnight.

Where is the Galata Tower
Where is the Galata Tower – Istanbul

The tower started to be used as a fire surveillance and reporting location since 1874. The top floor of the tower, which was repaired by Mayor Haşim İşcan in 1967, was rented in a restaurant and locally.

Galata Tower Entrance Fee: 2022

Fee per person:: 100 TL.

Beverage prices at Galata Tower;

A glass of tea 30 TL.

A glass of coffee 50 TL.

Meal prices average: 150 – 250 TL.

Where is the Galata Tower and how to go?

Address: Bereketzade Mh. Buyuk Hendek Caddesi, No: 2, Galata / Beyoglu / Istanbul

Phone: +90(212) 293 57 07

By private vehicle; While going to Taksim from Tarlabaşı road, you can reach it by entering the Galata Tower sign on the left. You can leave your car in the parking lots around the tower.

By public transportation; First of all, you reach Taksim. You can then reach the tower about 500 meters below the end of the street after Istiklal Street passes through.

If you want to come from Eminonu, you can reach the banks via Karakoy road, reaching from the bank, or you can use the metro.

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