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German Fountain Istanbul | History, Where, How to Get There

German Fountain Istanbul
German Fountain Istanbul

The German Fountain in 1899. The German Emperor II. Wilhelm II. It is a historical monument that was given to Abdülhamit and the city. It was built in Germany and moved by ships and its construction was completed in Istanbul and it took its place in Sultanahmet Square.

History of the German Fountain and General Information

The German Emperor II. Wilhelm’s Sultan II. During his visit to Abdulhamit and İstanbul, he presented this work to the Sultan in return for the political and commercial agreements of that period. The second visit to the Sultan at that time II.Wilhelm, the first visit to the Ottoman army to sell German rifles agreed with the Sultan, the second visit is planned to be made between Istanbul and Baghdad at that time, the world’s longest railway line of the construction of the 4 thousand kilometers of Baghdad Railway It was made in the sense of a thank you for the work done by German companies. This fountain is also important in terms of maintaining the oppressive attitude of Germany politically and preparing the ground for new agreements.

German Fountain History
German Fountain History

The construction of the fountain, which began in 1899, took about a year. It was built in Germany and brought to Istanbul and built in today’s place. Fountain rising on a high ground has an octagonal shape. The columns are connected to each other by arches and arches are made to show off with various ornaments.

The marbles of this magnificent building were processed in Germany and assembled into pieces. The fountain surrounded by columns, the octagonal dome on the water reservoir in four sections of Sultan II. Abdülhamit’s Tuğra. In the other four sections, Emperor II. Wilhelm’s name has the initial letter “W” and the number 2. The walls of the dome are processed in green and blue colors and built in a vivid view. Fountain Although it was built by Wilhelm in Germany, it is not exactly similar to the Ottoman architecture, even if it was built in Istanbul or in Istanbul.

German Fountain Istanbul
Sultanahmet Square Istanbul

Sculptures that reflect their own architecture in the Germans are not included in this work. But it does not resemble the square fountains built with Ottoman culture and architecture but all of them look beautiful. The planning of the fountain was prepared by the German Emperor’s special assistant and advisor. Before the construction of the fountain, the square was rearranged, and after the afforestation was completed, it was prepared in Germany and brought to Istanbul by ships and settled in the square.

There are two inscriptions in Ottoman and German. Fountain, although Sultan II. Although it was planned to be opened in the 25th year of the reign of Abdulhamid Khan, it was opened with a showy ceremony on 27 January 1901 with a delay when the construction was not reached. This historical building is worth a visit with its unique architecture and the things it has gained and lost.

German Fountain, Where, How to Get There

In addition to the fountain, there are many magnificent buildings and historical places worth visiting. From the historical Grand Bazaar to Beyazit Mosque and Beyazit Square, from Cemberlitas to Suleymaniye Mosque, from the Basilica Cistern, from the magnificent Topkapi Palace to Hagia Sophia and from the Sultan Ahmet Mosque to the Dikilitas, many of the magnificent structures are within walking distance of fountain. There are also dozens of historical artifacts and historical buildings that you can visit right next to and around flashy buildings.

Where is German Fountain?

Address: Binbirdirek, 34122, Sultanahmet – Fatih / Istanbul

How to get there: Sultanahmet Square is within easy reach of Istanbul. It is very effortless to reach Eminonu by metro from the intercity bus terminal and Ataturk Airport. From there you can reach fountain in a few minutes by taxi or tram. The German Fountain is located in Sultanahmet Square, directly opposite the Tomb of Sultan Ahmet I. You can visit it at any time of the day without having to pay any entrance fee.

If you want to visit this historical monument in one day or stay in this historical place more, there are hotels where you can stay. You will be in a region where you will not have any problems with food. Numerous restaurants, cafés or many food can be found within easy reach. Don’t forget to taste the famous “Ottoman Palace Sherbet”.

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