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iztuzu Beach Drone
iztuzu Beach Drone

With its golden yellow sand, iztuzu Beach is one of the unique beaches in the world due to its fresh water on one side and salt water on the other side. The beach is 5,400 meters long and people and caretta carettas live peacefully on this natural beach.Holidaymakers use Iztuzu Beach to cool off during the day and at night, sea turtles use their eggs to lay their eggs to continue their generation.

iztuzu Beach has a deep structure, even if you go dozens of meters, even if you do not exceed your height, so you can spend pleasant hours with your children and relatives who do not know swimming.

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iztuzu Beach Sunbed
iztuzu Beach Sunbed

iztuzu Beach

Iztuzu Beach, the home of sea turtles; Thousands of adult sea turtles come and lay eggs every year to iztuzu, which is one of the rare beaches in our country. Protected by the locals for many years, the Beach is one of the few naturally rare beaches on Earth. Caretta Carettas lay their eggs only on clean and natural beaches.One of these characteristics of sea turtles is that İztuzu Beach is clean and natural. Iztuzu’s sea turtles lay eggs; It states the importance of the beach. Iztuzu Beach is fresh water. Those who do not want to swim in the salt water on the beach can easily go in the lake water.There is a freshwater pond where you can go by car, but swimming is prohibited. Because there is a slight swamp in the lake, but it is undoubtedly a unique place for landscapes. The sea water that completely surrounds the beach has a slightly higher salt content, but does not disturb swimming.

iztuzu Beach
iztuzu Beach

The coast has been declared a nature reserve. This is where sea turtles lay their eggs. Sahie boat and minibus transportation is not provided.As we mentioned before, it is very difficult to find examples of this beach which is salty and fresh water on one side. It has a clear blue sea and fine yellow sand. You can have a pleasant holiday with your family and loved ones in iztuzu.

iztuzu Beach Sand
iztuzu Beach Sand

Where to Stay in iztuzu?

There are no hotels, pensions and motels on iztuzu Beach, and the nearest accommodation is located in Dalyan, 12 kilometers away.

Dalyan Resort & Spa

Where: Buruncu the resort of Dalyan Koyu Ortaca, 48840 Dalyan, Turkey

Hotel Happy Caretta

Where: Maras Cad Kaunos Sok No 28 Dalyan, 48840 Dalyan, Turkey

Midas Pension

Where: Maras District Kaunos Street No: 32 Dalyan, 48840 Dalyan

Kano Hotel

Where: Maras Mh. Maras Cd. No: 70, 48840 Dalyan, Turkey

iztuzu beach hotels

Where is iztuzu Beach?

You can go to iztuzu Beach, which is one of the most popular holiday destinations. Your first option is the co-operative dolly boats departing from the docks in Dalyan. Dolmus Boats carries their guests to iztuzu Beach. The journey through the canals between the reeds takes about half an hour, but you won’t get bored.

On the contrary, the number of people who say “I wish it had lasted a little longer oldukça is quite high. This beach, which is located within the boundaries of Dalyan Municipality, was operated by private individuals for twelve years and then delivered to the Governorship of Mugla. The struggle of the people of Dalyan to get the beaches still continues.

With the Dolmuş Boat: Holiday Paradise Dalyan,it does not have a shore, it is a resort for vacationers who can be reached by land or lake. The dolmus offers a dolmus-boat service from 9:30 in the morning.There are no scheduled voyages for dolmus boats. As the name suggests, the vehicles move as they fill.

Boats go to iztuzu beach direction from Dalyan center. If you are staying in Dalyan, you can have your hotel’s pier where our tour companies can communicate.They leave you and the other holidaymakers to the beach, and if you apply to the hotel management, they will bring you back to your hotel pier on your return. Return from Iztuzu Beach starts from 13.00 and continues until 18.00 in the evening.You have to pay attention to the dolmus boat tickets are given as a round trip ticket. Therefore, you should not lose your tickets because you need to keep your tickets and give them on the way back instead. If you lose, you may have to buy a second ticket.

By Minibus: The second way to get to İztuzu Beach is by minibuses. You need to take the minibuses departing from Dalyan PTT and the journey takes about twenty minutes. You will also enjoy this journey that goes around Sulungur Lake and continues among the pine forests. Iztuzu Beach is much cheaper than other beaches.

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