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Istanbul Modern Art Museum | History, Entrance Fee, Where

Istanbul Modern Art Museum
Istanbul Modern Art Museum

Istanbul Modern is the first museum in the modern art class of our country with its structure that stands out more. The place where the museum is located is in a different beauty. It was opened in 2004. It is located in the port of Karakoy. The exhibition of all the works in the field of contemporary art is held here. To be aware of current exhibitions, it is necessary to look at the official site. An exhibition worth seeing always welcomes you here. It is a place for those who are interested in art or who are curious about it.

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History of Istanbul Modern Art Museum

It is correct to say that everything started with the participation of Nejat Eczacıbasi from the Eczacıbasi family to an international contemporary art seminar and influenced by this exhibition. Because he thinks that there must be a place where contemporary works of art are constantly exhibited in our country. It takes action to realize this thought. It is decided where the place where a modern art center will be located. Feshane, dating from the 19th century, is deemed appropriate. Later, the works to restore this place and make it into a structure that can be a modern art museum begin. However, the studies remain unfinished. When everything is over, there is a development in 2003 that will make the project revitalized.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a permanent approval for an old warehouse located next to Mimar Sinan Fine Arts to become a museum. Thus, all obstacles were removed. The building was immediately turned into a building suitable for the museum. An 8 thousand square meter building welcomes visitors to the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art today.

Istanbul Modern Art Museum Exhibitions

Istanbul Modern Art Museum
Istanbul Modern Art Museum

It is always possible to encounter an exhibition in Istanbul Modern Art Museum. On two floors, there are exhibition rooms that take place with or without duration. You can see wonderful contemporary artworks from each other. When you enter the building, the first floor becomes a permanent exhibition hall. Here it is exhibited the values ​​of Turkey. In other words, you can see everything from the 20th century until today, such as paintings, sculptures, videos, media contents. By updating this raft every time, very different works are brought. There is detailed information under each work. This information indicates the time, owner and class of the work.

Istanbul Modern
Istanbul Modern

There are also exhibitions under the ground floor. The exhibitions here are temporary, not permanent. Exhibition works are presented to visitors from many regions of our country or from many countries of the world. You can encounter many works that visually depict development and change. It is also possible to see the transformation-themed pictures that the world has experienced since its creation. In short, there is a permanent work exhibited here. Therefore, it has a dynamic structure. When you go, there will be different works in the places of the works you see on your second visit.

Visiting Hours and Entrance Fee

Visiting Hours: The museum is always open to visitors except Monday. You can go to the museum to visit between 10.00 – 18.00. The museum opens on Thursday at 10 am.

The closing time is 2 hours later than other days. So it closes on Thursday at 20.00. It should be said that the museum is closed on New Year’s Day and on the first day of religious holidays.

International visitors

Adult: 72 Turkis Lira

Discounted (Students and Over 65): 54 Turkis Lira

Groups (10 people or more): 54 Turkis Lira

Istanbul Modern Members, Visitors with Disabilities, Children Under 12, ICOM, CIMAM, MMKD Card Holders: Free

Where is Istanbul Modern Art Museum, how to go?

Address: Karakoy, Meclis-i Mebusan Cad., 34433 Beyoglu / Istanbul

Phone: 0 212 334 7300

How to get there ?: Getting to the museum is very easy. The museum is located in Tophane stop. You can come to the museum by bus or tram from Eminönü. The stop to land in both public transportation vehicles is Tophane. When you get down here, you will see the Nusretiye Mosque. The museum is located on the dock behind this mosque. Those who will come from Anatolia should first pass to the European side by Marmaray or bus. Then they can use the bus or tram lines going to Tophane from here.

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