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New Mosque - Istanbul
New Mosque - Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the oldest settlements in history. One of the few cities the world wants to dominate. Istanbul is famous for its mosques as well as its many facets. It is home to many mosques famous for their architects bearing the names of all sultans, sultans and pashas. One of the most beautiful of these mosques is the New Mosque. Eminonu Square. Now, in this article, let us take a journey towards the unknown to the New Mosque. And believe me, this place and the historical peninsula, is certainly among the places to visit in Turkey.

History of the New Mosque

The construction of the Mosque with double minarets took 68 years. In 1597, Davut Aga, Dalgic Ahmet Aga and Mustafa Aga were started to be built by three architects, was completed in 1665. The construction of the mosque, also known as Valide Sultan Mosque, started with the order of Safiye Sultan. However, Safiye Sultan’s life was not enough to see the end of the mosque. Construction IV. Mehmed’s mother continued with donations and had them completed.

History of the New Mosque
History of the New Mosque 1969

It has become famous as the mosque ending in the longest period in Ottoman history. The mosque, which was built by the seaside when the construction was started and completed, remained inside with the filling of the sea in the following years.

History of the New Mosque
History Istanbul

When the construction of the mosque stopped with the death of Safiye Sultan, Jews settled in this area. A fire broke out and these Jews evacuated the land. Thus, the construction was continued. With the resumption of construction, it was not only a mosque, but also built Darulkurra, Subyan School, Valide Sultan Tomb, Hunkar Pavilion, a library and a fountain. Thus, the mosque has taken its place among the places to be visited in Turkey.

New Mosque - Istanbul Turkey
Istanbul Turkey

Since the construction of the mosque is at sea level, it started to draw water in time. When the water withdrew from the foundation in this way, the water was carried by the tumblers. On top of that, Davut Aga, one of the architects of the mosque, decided to use the technique of Sinan the Architect. He made big piles on the foundation and he attached the heads of these piles to each other with the belts made of lead. The foundation stones of the building are placed on these lead generations. Although the surrounding structures collapsed due to their proximity to the sea, the Mosque has survived to the present with its robustness on the first day.

Is there an entrance fee to the New Mosque
Is there an entrance fee

Is there an entrance fee to the New Mosque?

One of the places you should not go to Istanbul without seeing, the Mosque is kept open for domestic and foreign tourists to see outside the prayer hours. However, it has been partially closed due to the restoration works carried out by the General Directorate of Foundations. There is no charge for the entrance at this time.

Where is New Mosque
Where is New Mosque Istanbul

Where is Mosque?

Address: Rustem Pasa Mh. Eminonu, 34116 – Fatih / Istanbul

How to get there: Fatih EminönĂ¼, where the Spice Bazaar is located. Transportation is quite easy. If you wish by land, you can provide transportation by sea if you wish. Buses departing from Eminonu can take you to Mosque or by ferryboat departing from Kadikoy and Uskudar.

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