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Cagaloglu Hamami (Turkish Bath) | Where, History, Entrance Fee

Cagaloglu Hamami (Turkish Bath) ISTANBUL
Cagaloglu Hamami (Turkish Bath) ISTANBUL

Cagaloglu Hamami (Turkish Bath) is a historical place. In our Istanbul trip; We will share the entrance fee and transportation information of the bath with you.

Cagaloglu Hamami (Turkish Bath) built by Mahmut I in the 18th century, is located near the Basilica Cistern. The purpose of building the bath was to provide income to the Hagia Sophia Complex and the Hagia Sophia Library and it served this purpose for a long time. The hammam, drawn by the architect of Hassa Süleyman Aga, is admired by those who travel and see with its different architecture.

Cagaloglu Bath Istanbul
Cagaloglu Bath Istanbul

The window of the bath is covered by a large dome and there are dressing rooms on the consoles built around this window. There is a large pool made of marble in the middle of the bath, which is very spacious and gives a separate peace to the acoustic person formed by the water temples coming from this pool. The fountain in the middle of the pool has three floors and the sound of gushing water resonates all over the bath. A large dome is placed on four marble legs. This large dome leads to the roof. The transition from the roof to the bathhouse was provided.

Cagaloglu Turkish Bath Video

History of Cagaloglu Hamami

Hammams have a special place in Ottoman architecture and Cagaloglu Hammam has different features compared to other baths. The hot and cold sections of this double bath structure differ from the others. In Ottoman culture, some privileges stand out in architectural designs for men and women, and this privilege is also considered in this structure.

History of Cagaloglu Hamami
History of Cagaloglu Hamami

A door was opened to the back alley for women and a door to the street for men. The building, which has a history of almost 300 years, has provided library and complex revenue as a source of income for many years. Today, it is one of the historical buildings where domestic and foreign tourists visit with great curiosity and excitement. During the reign of 3.Mustafa the baths were banned and their activity was terminated. However, today the building is kept open for tourists, shoeshine, barber and restaurant services are provided and a real steam bath is enjoyed.

The Baroque style used in the architecture of the building is an important feature that distinguishes it from the others. Cagaloglu Hammam, built by Mahmut I, attracts attention because it is separated from Ottoman architecture with its many architectural features. Some differences between the male and female departments are among the distinct features of this structure.

The dressing rooms in the men’s section are covered with a large dome, which passes through a small dome to the cold section, which is covered with seven vaults. In the hot section there is a dome which is attached to an arch connected by eight columns.

This structure, which is still in service, serves the purpose of promoting Ottoman culture. This historical building, which was included in the list of places to be seen by the New York Times before his death, is not only an Ottoman cultural heritage. The building, which attracts great attention in terms of providing a great pleasure and comfort that cannot be taken from today’s bathrooms, is the focus of attention of foreign tourists in particular.

Cagaloglu Hamami Entrance Fee
Cagaloglu Hamami Entrance Fee

The scarcity of wood and coal during the reign of 3.Mustafa  caused an end to the baths. The building has been built before the end of the baths and the building has survived to the present day without being worn out. The building, which has been continuously maintained and restored, is also the carrier of a 300-year heritage. Today, it is used not only as a bath, but also as an activity center where some activities are performed.

Cagaloglu Hamami Entrance Fee: 2021

Tip to Toe 15 min Hot room rest, 10 min Rubbing with a Bath Glove, 35 min Bubble Massage. After the ritual, with Turkish tea, home-made sherbet and Turkish delight + (€30.00)

Cagaloglu Hamam Service 15 min Hot room rest, 10 min Rubbing with a Bath Glove, 20 min Bubble Massage, 15 min Foot massage with linden oil, Turkish tea, Homemade sherbet, Appetizers and Turkish delight + (€75.00)

The Ottoman Luxury Service 15 min Hot room rest, 10 min Rubbing with a Bath Glove, 30 min Bubble Bath, 45 min Aromatherapy Massage + (€120.00)

Sultan Mahmud I 15 min Hot room rest, 45 min Rubbing and Bubble Massage conducted by two attendants, 15 min Foot Massage, Collagen Face-Mask Treatment, 45 min Aromatherapy Massage + (€180.00)

Where is Cagaloglu Hamami?

Address: Alemdar Mh., Cagaloglu Hamami Sk. 34 – Fatih / Istanbul

Phone: 0 (212) 522 2424

It is close to Yerbatan Cistern and located on Kazim İsmail Gurkan Street. It s on  central location, it is possible to travel by all means of transportation.

By Tram: You can get off at Sultanahmet stop immediately.

By Bus: Buses departing from alme passost everywher through Sultanahmet Square.

By car: Our advice We do not put your car in Sultanahmet Square .. Instead of taking too much tarik and road hike, you can use the car park opposite Gulhane Park. You can easily reach Sultanahmet Square through Gulhane Park.

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