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Where is Tiled Kiosk? | Entrance Fee and Visiting Hours – ISTANBUL

Tiled Kiosk Museum Istanbul
Tiled Kiosk Museum Istanbul

The Tiled Kiosk Museum, also known as “Sırca Saray” or “Kasr-ı Kaşi ere, is here. It was built in 1472 by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror in the grove in Sarayburnu and within the Topkapi Palace Wall. Architecture is unknown. It is also known as “Sırca Saray” or “Kasr-ı Kasi.. The Tiled Kiosk is the only example of Ottoman civilian architecture built in the Seljuk period in Istanbul.

Tiled Kiosk Museum (Cinili Kosk)  History

The building was used by the Imperial Museum in 1880 to exhibit archaeological and Islamic artifacts. It was connected to Istanbul Archeology Museums in 1981. Today, the works of Turkish Islamic Tile art are exhibited regionally and chronologically.

Cinili Kosk Architectural Structure

The entrance facade of the mansion is single-storey, while the back side is two-storey. There is a marble colonnade with 14 columns at the entrance. The iwan of the entrance is decorated with mosaic tiles. There is a long inscription on the entrance wall. The entrance section is a domed space with vaulted rooms on the sides. The mansion, which consists of 6 rooms and a middle hall, exhibits close to 2000 works found in archaeological excavations by means of purchase, donation and confiscation.

When it is connected to the Directorate of Archaeological Museums, there are about 2000 artifacts from the Seljuk and Ottoman Periods that were found in archeological excavations and entered into the museum through purchase, donation and confiscation.

Tiled Kiosk Museum Visiting Hours and Entrance Fee
Tiled Kiosk Museum Visiting Hours and Entrance Fee

These works are Seljuk Period works in the room to the left of the entrance, Slip technique and Miletus works in the iwan opening on the left side, Iznik-made works in the middle hall and five-cornered protruding room, Kütahya works in the right corner room overlooking the Gülhane Park and in the right iwan in the outer door. It is exhibited in a settlement order starting from the left of the entrance, including works made by Çanakkale.

Tiled Kiosk Museum Visiting Hours and Entrance Fee

Visiting Hours: The museum opens its doors to visitors every day. Those wishing to visit must buy tickets at least 45 minutes before the closing time of the museum and pay attention to the season they are in. During the Winter Season (30 October – 15 April) visiting hours are 09:00 – 16:45 when the box office closing time is 16:00, During Summer Season (15 April – 30 October) visiting hours are 09:00 – 18:45 box office closing time is determined as 18:00.

Entrance Fee:  50 TL. per person.

Under 18 and over 65 years the citizens of the Republic of Turkey, relatives of martyrs and veterans, soldiers and noncommissioned officers, entrance free for those who have Museumcard with disabilities and their companions.

Where is Tiled Kiosk Museum
Where is Tiled Kiosk Museum

Where is Tiled Kiosk Museum? and How to get there?

Address: Cankurtaran st. Osman Hamdibey Hill – Fatih / ISTANBUL

Transportation: Those who want to come by public transportation; After arriving at Eminönü, you can get off at Gulhane Stop using Kabatas-Bagcilar Train Line and reach here after about 10 minutes walking.

For those who want to come with a private vehicle; our advice is to come to Eminonu with their vehicles and park their vehicles here and walk. Because there is not enough parking space near the mansion.

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