Yildiz Park Grove Istanbul
Yildiz Park Grove Istanbul

Yildiz Park Grove, which is the largest grove in the city, with a 46-hectare area located between Besiktas and Istanbul, is also known as the green forest where the “Pan” in the mythological stories plays the flute in the Bosphorus.

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Yildiz Park Grove History

The Yildiz Grove, which was first mentioned in the records in the period of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman (1520-1566) and started to be known as “Kazancioglu Garden” at the beginning of the 1600’s, is also the place where the fairy tale “Ceraganegilenlari” was held in the tulip era. It is known that the trainings of Asakir-i Mansureyi Muhammad, which was established after the janissary organization was removed, in the grove, which also includes the Yıldız pavilion, is also held here.

Bezm-i Alem Sultan also built a pavilion, and after Sultan Abdülaziz built Cıragan Palace, he was admired by this forest, which was connected to the palace with a stone and marble embroidered bridge, some of which are still standing on the main street. It is recorded that the grove, which was only used by the sultan and his close surroundings, was called the “Mabeyn Garden”.


Yildiz Park Grove in ISTANBUL
Yildiz Park Grove in ISTANBUL

After settling in the throne, he settled in Yildiz Palace. It is known that Abdülhamid made the palace, Tent, Waterfall, Caglayan, Limon, Set and Cihannuma pavilions and the Palace Theater and spilled “gold for every square meter” for the grove he organized by spending big money to the local theater.

While making new arrangements in Yildiz Grove after the declaration of the republic, the Sale pavilion, which was given to an Italian operator in 1925 and used as a casino, was taken from this operator by order of Atatürk and prevented misuse. While the Yildiz Palace complex was divided into three sections in the 1930s, it was connected to the Ministry of Culture in 1978 when the Military Academy was separated from the section allocated to it. Sale pavilion was given to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the Maltese and Tent pavilions in the grove were given to Istanbul Municipality.

With a signed protocol, it was renamed “Yildiz Park” since 1940. In 1979, Istanbul Mayor Celik Gulersoy with Aytekin Kotil signed between Turkey Tours and Car Club General Manager,pavilions were restored and reopened.


In 1994, the rental contract was not renewed and the kiosks passed to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and in the park, along with rare redwoods, together with 400-year-old ones, as well as pines, cedars, fir, spruce, ash, ash, yew, juniper, flowing, wetland, false locust, sofora, chestnut, There are more than 120 species of exotic trees and shrubs, mostly of foreign origin, such as menengic, Chinese umbrella tree, American tulip tree, novice berry, soapwood, cream tree and needlewood.

Breakfast Places and Prices?

Malta pavilion: Malta pavilion, one of the two historical pavilions in Yıldız Park, can enjoy a pleasant breakfast in this decent pavilion with your family or friends accompanied by a magnificent Bosphorus view. The delicious breakfast dishes that you can choose from the open buffet consisting of 80 varieties will appeal to both your eyes and stomach. The pavilion

serves breakfast between 09:00 – 13:30, and serves food after 14:00. The interior of the pavilion, which can host 300 people in its garden, is also available to welcome its guests. Therefore, no appointment is made. But you should go early.

Tent Pavilion: Another historical pavilion in Yıldız Park is the Pavilion Pavilion in the Greenery, offering a breakfast plate on weekdays and a buffet breakfast on the weekend. Guests 10 or more are required to make a reservation.

Breakfast plate consisting of cheese and olive varieties, tomato, butter and filtered honey: 40-45 Turkish Lira – Open buffet: 50 Turkish Lira.

How To Get To Yildiz Park Grove?

How To Get To Yildiz Park Grove
How To Get To Yildiz Park Grove

Address: Yildiz Park – Besiktas / ISTANBUL

  1. You can reach Yildiz Park by following the European side, Eminönü – Beşiktaş, Sarıyer – Besiktas coastal road.
  2. To reach the Anatolian side; You can reach the Bosphorus Bridge (July 15 Martyrs’ Bridge) and follow the Yıldız Park sign from the Besiktas turn. Click for location information.

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