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Beyazit Mosque | History, Entrance Fee, Where, How to Get There

Beyazit Mosque Istanbul
Beyazit Mosque Istanbul

Beyazit Mosque İstanbul location and foreign tourists due to its central location and a magnificent structure with historical features and it welcomes many visitors.

Beyazit Mosque History

According to the inscription written by Sheikh Hamdullah at the main entrance of the mosque, the construction of the mosque started in 1501 and was opened in 1506 after 5 years of work. According to Evliya Celebi, Sultan Beyazit made his first prayer on the opening day of the mosque.

Beyazit Mosque History
Beyazit Mosque History

Since the mosque was built, many maintenance and repairs have been buried. It was damaged in 1509 by the earthquake called Kıy Little Apocalypse ve and repaired by Mimar Sinan. Later, by the architect Sinan in 1573 by building an arch inside the mosque was strengthened. In a fire in 1683, the minaret cones were damaged by burning, and in 1743, one of the minarets was burned as a result of lightning strikes.

Beyazit Mosque Architectural Structure

The Beyazit Mosque stands out as a transition period between the classical Ottoman architecture and the early Ottoman architecture. The plan is similar to the Bursa Green Mosque, but there are significant differences.

During the Ottoman period, the mosque built by the Sultan was called Selatin Mosque. Beyazit Mosque, which is the second mosque built after the Fatih Mosque built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, is considered to be the oldest mosque that still preserves its originality.

Beyazit Mosque Turkey

It was built by Sultan Beyazit on the biggest square of the city during the Byzantine era. The complex consisting of a mosque, a madrasah, a bath, a caravanserai, a tannery and a primary school was scattered.

Although the exact identity of the architect is unknown; It is believed that it was built by Architect Hayrettin, Architect Kemalettin or Yakup Sah bin Sultansah. Although it is known that these three architects worked in the construction of the mosque, it has not been determined which one is the head of the architect.

In the Beyazit mosque, the dome is seated on four elephant legs. The plan of the mosque consists of a middle dome, two half domes and four side domes on both sides of the dome. There are 8 weight towers in each of the four corners of the middle dome, two each.

Beyazit Mosque How to get there
Beyazit Mosque How to get there

There are 20 windows in the middle dome and 7 windows in the half dome. All these dome, half dome and four small dome on the sides carry four elephant legs. Elephant feet are square and make ears from the sides. 75 cm. The sections, which are added in thickness and with iron clamps, support the dome by forming sharp arches in the north and south to the caliph of the other dome arches which are round.

On the mihrab side of the mosque, Sultan II. Bayezid’s tomb is located. The tomb on the left belongs to his daughter Selcuk Hatun.

Mosque Entrance fee and Visitor hours?

Entrance fee: There is no fee at the entrance. You can log in for free.

Visitor hours: It is open to visitors until 06:00 until 23:00.

Beyazit Mosque How to get there?

Address: Beyazıt Mh. Ordu Cad. – Fatih / Istanbul

Transportation: There are many alternative options such as trains, trams, buses and metro to reach Beyazit Mosque. Even if you like to walk and want to travel overseas, you can come to Eminonu pier by ferry and walk here.

To get to Mosque Public Bus Station, you can go on Beyazıt Bus Station.

To go using tramway; Beyazid Tram Station (average 50 meters) or Cemberlitas Tram Station (average 400 meters).

To go using the train; At Kumkapi Train Station The average distance to walk after landing is 700 meters.

To go using the subway; At Yenikapi Metro Station, the distance you need to walk is 1,20 km.

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