Katranci Bay Beach Fethiye
Katranci Beach Fethiye

In this article, we will introduce one of the most preferred bays of Fethiye for camping. Katranci Beach, properties, camping area, promenade area, entrance fee, where? And how to get there? You can find more information such as the continuation of our article.

Footnote: When you plan to come here and enjoy the sea, we recommend you to take a look at the places to visit in Fethiye Beach.

Katranci Nature Park General Information

Mugla Located 16 km away from the center of Fethiye, Katranci Bay Nature Park offers you both camping and swimming at the same time.

Green and blue embrace the opportunity to relax and have fun at the same time is a peaceful place. It is one of the most preferred places for those who want to get away from city life and live holiday with nature. In addition, the park, which is a stopover point for those who want to have a picnic, is very busy especially in July-August.

Katranci Nature Park Properties

The park can be divided into 3 zones. 1. Region 1.koy where those who want to use the beach as a day trip, 2. Region selected by those who come for camping and beach 2.koy and picnic area preferred only by those who want to have a picnic. They all have the same entrance fees. We will share details about the fees below.

Only those who prefer picnics can go to the bays and spend the day with plenty of rest. There are seating tables, walking trails, fountains and toilets in the picnic area which is generally preferred by the locals and those coming from Fethiye.

Katranci Bay Beach Fethiye
Katranci Beach Fethiye

Katranci Beach

There is a separate beach in both bays. We will not mention the two bays separately, as the characteristics of both 2 sheep seas and beaches are the same. It is useful to remind only that 1. Bay is the bay preferred by day trippers.

The cleanliness and clarity of the water is unclear during the season. We do not recommend you to choose this place because of the crowd in July-August. It is worth noting that June and September are the best times to visit here.

The sea has both coves off the cove hence most of the time is waveless and serene.

It is worth remembering that the beach and the sea floor are made up of sand.

Come to sea level. Both sheep are low enough to be called shallow. This may be the reason of choice both for those who do not know swimming well and for families with children.

Katranci Fethiye Mugla
Katranci Fethiye Mugla

Katranci Bay Nature Park Campground

The camp season starts in June and continues until the end of September. You can meet your basic needs like dressing cabin, toilet, electricity and water free of charge. You only need to bring the extension cord with you for electricity. In addition, if you have brought your food and drinks from outside, you can rent large and small cupboards where you can store them. Please note that these cabinets are not included in the price and you must pay a rental fee. You can also use the laundry and dishwashers in the area for a fee.

Other than these, there is an arcade for social activities, foosball tables, children’s playgrounds and disco. Disco is open until 1 a.m.

If you decide to camp after coming here, we can say that you can rent your camping needs here, such as tents and beds.

There is a restaurant and a grocery store within the camp area to meet your needs. But if you have the opportunity to take your needs in advance, be sure to come here will be more appropriate.

Katranci Bay Beach Entrance Fee
Katranci Beach Entrance Fee

FOOTNOTE: If you decide to camp in advance, you must make a reservation. Reservation number is given below.

Katranci Nature Park Campground Entrance Fee

You will have to pay for entrance to the Koi, which is also a nature park. The price list for 2021 is determined as follows;

Person: 20 Lira

Motorcycle: 44 Lira

Small Vehicle: 61 Lira

Minibus: 120 Lira

Midibus: 240 Lira

Bus: 380 Lira

Tent Location: 85 Lira (4 People Included)

Caravan Location: 120 Lira (4 Persons Included)

Where is Katranci Beach? and How to get there?

Address: Yaniklar Mahallesi, Fethiye / MUGLA

Reservation Number: 0507 365 18 61

Transportation: Fethiye is approximately 16 kilometers away from the bay, a 20-minute drive by using the Gocek Fethiye highway.

Public transportation; It is provided by minibuses from Fethiye to Gocek. After getting off at the campsite with these minibuses, you have to walk about 2 – 2.5 kilometers. The vans leave every half hour. The latest minibus departs from Katranci at 20:20 and Fethiye at 24:00. The fee is 9 pounds per person.

You can also see the bay by taking a boat trip between Fethiye and Gocek or daily boat trips from Fethiye. It is worth mentioning that these boats do not carry passengers to the bay.

Location information