Buyuk Samanlik Bay Beach
Büyük Samanlik Beach Fethiye

The topic of this trip: Büyük Samanlik Beach. We strongly recommend those who choose Fethiye for their holiday to do a peninsula tour. The peninsula deserves to be included in your holiday plans with its location close to the center and accessible, as well as quiet and beautiful bays.

You can also learn about those bays by browsing our articles about Aksazlar Beach, Kuleli Beach, Büyük Boncuklu Beach, Kücük Boncuklu Beach and Kücük Samanli Beach which were previously on the peninsula. In this article, Büyük Samanlik Beach features, entrance fee, where? And how to get there? We’ve tried to share information as well as useful information.

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Büyük Samanlık Bay Beach General Information

Although the locals say Samanlık Bay, there are 2 different bays as Küçük Samanlık Bay and Büyük Samanlık Bay.

The bay, which was attached to the Ministry of Forestry, was rented to the private sector. But there is no business or facility for this year (2018). Fethiye District Governorship Sheep maintenance and cleaning operations this year will be done by Fethiye Municipality and Forest Management Directorate announced.

Buyuk Samanlık Bay Beach
Büyük Samanlik Beach

Büyük Samanlik Beach Properties

When you reach the peninsula which accompanies us with its lush green nature along the way, it embraces us with beautiful tones of blue. Since the bay offers both picnic and sea enjoyment, it is quite crowded especially during summer and weekends.

The barbecue and picnic areas were quite handy. Tables and seats work. The only problem seems to be the lack of enough trash. Children are also subject to unforgotten and there is a play area for entertaining. Hiking and cycling trails are also available.

If the establishment is closed, the campers may be in a difficult situation. Because there is no other area where they can meet their basic needs such as toilets and electricity.

Samanlik Bay Beach Camping
Büyük Samanlik Beach Camping

Büyük Samanlik Beach

The sea is crystal clear and clean. The sea floor and the coast consist of pebbles. Therefore, it is useful to bring beach shoes with you. The water level can be called shallow. Families with children may prefer.

As I mentioned above, there is no business for this year. We don’t know what’s going to happen next year. There are gazebos, toilets, shower areas and locker cabins in the beach. They seem to be available for now, but the issue of cleaning seems to be quite a challenge.

Buyuk Samanlık Bay Beach Entrance Fee

Büyük Samanlık Beach Entrance Fee

There are sun beds and umbrellas. Therefore, we recommend you to come with straw and umbrella. You can enjoy both the barbecue and the sea in the arbor from the old enterprise.

Sunbed: 20 Turkish Lira

Umbrella: 20 Turkish Lira

Gazebo: 70 Turkish Lira

Where is Büyük Samanlik Beach? And How to get there?

Address: Keçiler Mahallesi – Fethiye / MUGLA

Transportation: Located in the west of Fethiye and 7 kilometers away from the center of the transportation to the bay if you have a private vehicle or from the center of the dolmuş or departing from the port is provided by boat tours.

Those who will arrive by car, karagözler, shipyard, the Latvian route can reach here in an average of 10 minutes.

Let us remind you that the price of the dolmus is 8 pounds per person.

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