Kucuk Boncuklu Bay Beach
Kücük Boncuklu Beach Fethiye

Kücük Boncuklu Beach: We strongly recommend those who choose Fethiye for their holiday to do a peninsula tour. The peninsula deserves to be included in your holiday plans with its location close to the center and accessible, as well as quiet and beautiful bays.

You can learn about Aksazlar Beach, Kuleli Beach, Buyuk Samanlik Beach, Kücük Samanli Beach and Büyük Boncuklu Beach on the peninsula.

In this article, Kücük Boncuklu Beach features, Sunbed and entrance fee, where? And how to get there? We’ve tried to share information as well as useful information.

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General Information of Kücük Boncuklu Beach

Fortunately, there are still places with untouched beauty. These bays are one of them. You can spend a fairy-tale holiday by listening to the sound of the trees on the one hand while enjoying the sea at the point where the azure sea embraces the pine trees.

Kucuk Boncuklu Beach
Kücük Boncuklu Beach

The sheep, which is quite untouched, is also frequented by sailing boats and yachts. When people see a yacht in a place like this while vacationing inevitably one of those yachts that I should not sigh.

Kücük Boncuklu Beach Features

In fact, you begin to understand what kind of place you will encounter in the vehicle. As you move along the narrow and curved road, the fascinating beauties of green on one side and the aegean sea, which always disappears from time to time on the other, but the smell is always on your nose. At the first entrance to the bay you can be sure that you will see a more beautiful view than you expect. If your expectation is not a swanky beach or loud music, but also a quiet calm environment. Here is the greatest feature of this place is the tranquility and relaxing silence.

Kucuk Boncuklu Bay Camping
Kücük Boncuklu Beach Camping

The glass is crystal clear, the aquarium is lively and the sea is as calm as it invites you to the beach. The beach is sometimes pebble in most places. Especially the bottom of the sea is full of pebbles. Although this is a bit annoying, you don’t have to worry if your beach shoes are with you. Sea level gradually deepens. This is good news for families with children and those who don’t know much about swimming. Finally, for those who wonder there is no accommodation here.

Kucuk Boncuklu Help Beach

Kücük Boncuklu Beach Entrance Fee

There is no fee to check-in. You can come with your towel and umbrella. They only charge 10 Turkish Lira parking fee.

In addition, you have to pay for the services you receive from the facilities in the bay. These facilities are free of charge; dressing cabin, showers and toilets. If you want to rent sunbeds, umbrellas or gazebo, their fees are as follows;

2 Sunbeds + 1 Umbrella: 75 Turkish Lira

Gazebo: 70 Turkish Lira

Kucuk Boncuklu Sand
Kücük Boncuklu Beach Sand

Where is Kücük Boncuklu Beach? And How to get there?

Address: Keciler Mahallesi – Fethiye / MUGLA

Transportation: Located in the west of Fethiye and 4 kilometers away from the center of the bay if you have access to your private vehicle or if you leave from the center is provided by dolmuş or boat tours departing from the port.

Those who will arrive by car, karagözler, shipyard, the Latvian route can reach here in an average of 10 minutes.

Those who want to come with the minibus fee is 6 pounds per person.

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