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Fethiye Butterfly Valley
Fethiye Butterfly Valley

Fethiye Butterfly Valley is one of the 100 mountains recommended for conservation as a world heritage due to its endemic species. The Butterfly Valley on the outskirts of Babadag was declared a first degree natural site on 8 February 1995 and was closed to all kinds of buildings. If such a decision were not taken, we would not have such a natural beauty today.

Surrounded by steep rocky walls reaching 350 meters, the Valley is named after more than 70 butterfly species and especially tiger butterflies. It flows through the middle of the valley with a small waterfall that springs from a height of 50 meters and reaches the Mediterranean Sea with a stream. Fethiye Butterfly Valley how to get there, let’s have a look at what are the prices. Things to do in Mugla on our sightseeing list.


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History of Butterfly Valley

History of Butterfly Valley
History of Butterfly Valley

IV. century. Some ruins of the settlement called “Perdicia ın of Lycia are located just above the Butterfly Valley Canyon and the village is called Faralya. The current name of the village is Uzunyurt. From the Byzantine and Greek civilizations to the last times of the Ottoman Empire, the horticultural culture created by terracing the slopes has come to this day.

Accommodation And Hotels

Nature tourism in Butterfly Valley is shown as one of the best places in Turkey and around the world, serving businesses in every year on March 1 to November 1, unfortunately, it is not possible to stay outside the room. In order to preserve the natural beauty, water and electricity are supplied by the enterprise and not by the state, and the butterfly valley is supplied with electricity three times a day. Hot water is provided through solar panels.

Hotels Near Fethiye

Hotels Near Fethiye Butterfly Valley
Hotels Near Fethiye Butterfly ValleyOnur Motel: Faralya Bay, Hisar Mahallesi Faralya, Turkey / Tel: +90 252 642 1162

Montenegro Motel: Faralya Koyu, Hisar Mahallesi Faralya, Turkey / Tel: +90 536 390 1297. Or because the valley of the butterflies is very close to the sea, you can also choose hotels close to the sea.

How to get to Fethiye Butterfly Valley?

Valley can be reached by coming to Oludeniz via Fethiye. It can be reached by boat or car but you can go up to a place by car then you need to continue on foot.

To Go Boat or Boat: You can go to Fethiye Oludeniz by boat if you do not have a boat, many tour companies organize boat tours to these places every day.

Valley Tour Prices Average: 50 is between 100 TL.

To go by car: For those who want to go from Fethiye center, you should first go to Hisaronu and then to Oludeniz, then you should go to faralya village.


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