Turunc Pinari Bay Beach
Turunc Pinari Bay Beach

We are here again with one of the most beautiful bays of Fethiye. We will talk about a bay with some mysterious abundance and silence dominated so there is no road connection where transportation is provided only by boats. Turunc Pinari Bay beach, features, entrance fee information, as well as transportation information and more with this article.

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It is one of the bays of Fethiye known as Oyuktepe bays. It takes its name from the citrus trees around. The distance to the center is approximately 8 kilometers and access to the bay is limited. Transportation is usually provided by boats departing from the port. So, what makes the dark special? Let’s take a look together if you’re wondering.

Turunc Pinari Bay Properties

The bay is completely surrounded by trees. Nature seems to have tried to hide this beauty by embracing it. The sheep hills, which are surrounded by pine, olive, sandal, bay and spring trees, are covered with citrus trees. It is thought that sheep got its name from these citrus trees. When the turquoise color of the sea is added to all these greens, a holiday atmosphere emerges. It is a holiday for those who want to have a secluded getaway in a quiet and calm environment.

Turunc Pinari Bay Beach
Turunc Pinari Bay Beach

Another of the biggest features of the bay is that spring water comes out. The source of drinking water we know. Maybe the spring in the name comes from there. A tracking track of this water source also offers a nice experience for hiking lovers.

If we want to introduce the bay with a single sentence, we can say that it is a hidden paradise in the valley with its charming beauty among the high hills descending steeply towards the sea.

Where is Turunc Pinari Bay Beach

Turunc Pinari Bay Beach

The beach of the beach and the sea floor of the beach. The sea is quite calm and clean. However, it is quite a deep sea. It is not recommended for families with children who do not know swimming well. As the transportation is provided only by boats, families with children may turn to different places.

Turunc Pinari Bay Beach Entrance Fee

In the facilities in the bay there are areas where you can meet your needs such as food and beverage, shower, toilet and dressing cabin, or you can visit the water sports center to do water sports if you wish.

Turunc Pinari Bay Entrance Fee

Entrance to the bay is completely free. There is no difference between the money you give to the boat and the entrance fee. It is useful to share a few small details about the price of the indoor facilities;

Squid Pan: 80 Lira

Eggplant Salad: 35 Lira

Grilled Meatball: 85 Lira

As it goes on. So although the prices seem to be above average, we can say that it is actually quite suitable for such a place. Don’t forget to call us for current prices. In the meantime, you should call in advance and make a reservation.

Where is Turunc Pinari Bay? And How to get there?

Address: Turuncpinari Mevkii Karakoy – Fethiye / MUGLA

Transportation: Transportation is provided by boat tours only. You can get on the boat tours departing from Fethiye harbor. Other than that, there is no road connection to the bay.

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