Kücük Samanlı Beach Fethiye
Kücük Samanlı Beach Fethiye

We strongly recommend those who choose Fethiye for their holiday to do a peninsula tour. The peninsula deserves to be included in your holiday plans with its location close to the center and accessible, as well as quiet and beautiful bays.

You can also learn about those bays by browsing our articles about Aksazlar Beach, Kuleli Bay, Büyük Boncuklu Beach, Kücük Boncuklu Beach and Büyük Samanlik Beach.

In this article, Kücük Samanlı Beach features, sunbed and entrance fee, where? And how to get there? We’ve tried to share information as well as useful information.

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Footnote: When you plan to come here and enjoy the sea, we recommend you to take a look at the places to visit in Fethiye Beach.

Kücük Samanlı Beach General Information

Although the locals say Samanlı Bay, there are 2 different bays as Kücük Samanlı Bay and Buyuk Samanlı Bay.

The bay is quiet and calm. Peaceful beauty. But in the summer months, both locals and local tourists prefer this place, especially on weekends. When planning, we recommend you choose May-June or September-October.

The bay is also a stopping point for sailing boats, pleasure boats and yachts.

Kucuk Samanlik Beach
Kücük Samanlı Beach

Kücük Samanlı Beach Properties

As we mentioned before, the quiet and calm structure of the cove feels like medication to those who expect tranquility in the resort. On the one hand, the sound of the green trees on the other hand the sound of water from the deep blue sea on the nerves, stress, fatigue that accumulates on you throughout the year, briefly takes away all the negative things.

It was time for the most curious part of the sheep. The bay has a clear and clean sea. The sea is like an aquarium. You can come across many sea creatures while swimming. There are 2 piers to jump on the sea. Especially young people can have a lot of fun.

It has a small stony, shallow and wave-free beach that children can love. Even though the pebbles do not hurt, it may be beneficial to have beach shoes for children.

Kucuk Samanlik

A beach where you can spread your own umbrella and towel. There is also a facility within the beach that offers rental services such as sun beds, umbrellas, kiosks, tables and chairs. This property also has a restaurant, bar and buffet. Here you can easily meet your needs. The facilities are not limited to these. While your children have fun at the children’s playground, you can enjoy your barbecue and the sea on the same day. The shower, toilet and dressing booths were also quite clean and well-maintained.

If it doesn’t sound satisfactory to you, if you just want to have fun at sea, we can offer you a pedalo or canoe service.

Kucuk Samanlik Bay Beach Entrance Fee
Kücük Samanlik Bay Beach Entrance Fee

Kücük Samanlı Beach Entrance Fee

Entrance to the bay is free. However, those who come with the vehicle is charged 10 pounds parking. You can also benefit from the on-site rental services. Their fees are as follows;

Sunbed: 30 Turkish Lira

Umbrella: 20 Turkish Lira

Pavilion (Gazebo): 70 Turkish Lira

Pavilion with Open Top: 50 Turkish Lira

Table: 30 Turkish Lira

Chair: 10 Turkish Lira

Where is Kücük Samanlı Beach? And How to get there?

Address: Kücük Samanlik Karagozler Neighborhood – Fethiye / MUGLA

Transportation: Located in the west of Fethiye and 4 kilometers away from the center of the bay if you have access to your private vehicle or if you leave from the center is provided by boat tours departing from the port.

Those who will arrive by car, karagözler, shipyard, the Latvian route can reach here in an average of 10 minutes.

Let us remind you that the price of the dolmus is 8 pounds per person.

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