inlice Beach
inlice Beach

Inlice Beach. Fethiye with its magnificent nature, unique beauties and beautiful bays, hosts many local and foreign tourists every year. We also share the most preferred bays and beaches with holidaymakers and tourists. In this article where is Inlice Beach, features, general information, entrance fee as well? How to go? information.

Footnote: When you plan to come here and enjoy the sea, we recommend you to take a look at the places to visit in Fethiye Beach.

Inlice Beach General Information

The beach, which was reached by the pine scent through the lush forest road, was previously used as a camping area. Although these tents can be found in places, they are generally used for picnics and barbecues. Of course, the number of people coming to the beach is too much.

Inlice, one of Gocek’s magnificent bays, is one of the favorite places for holidaymakers because it is very close to Dalaman. In addition to holidaymakers, those who live close to this region can visit this area very often for a picnic and a barbecue.

inlice Beach Sand
Inlice Beach Sand

Inlice Beach Properties

Inlice Beach, which has a very large beach, is a very suitable place for those who want to stand on the road and enjoy the sea. Take your umbrella and towel ready from the luggage and set up anywhere on the fine sand and enjoy the clean sea.

There are showers, locker cabins, toilets and cafes operated by Fethiye Municipality to meet your needs on the beach. Shower, dressing booths and toilets were free. The prices of the café are a bit more affordable than their peers.

The beach has a clean sea and the beach is made up of hard sand. But not so hard to hurt.

The sea suddenly becomes shallow and sometimes deep. At this point, families with children and those who do not know very well should be careful.

The beach is also used as a promenade area. Here are tables suitable for picnics. If you plan to go here in advance, we recommend you to prepare your umbrella, straw and picnic bag. No, if you just stop by and say we make another plan, we recommend you to sit in the cafe and drink a cold lemonade while watching the beach.

inlice Beach Drone Fly
Inlice Beach Drone Fly

Inlice Public Beach Entrance Fee

Entrance to the beach is free. Only those arriving by car need to pay 20 TL. (4$) parking fee.

Other than that, you may want to rent umbrellas and sunbeds. These include;

Sunbed: 20 TL. (2$)

Umbrella: You have to pay 10 TL. (3$) Or you can take your own straw, towel and umbrella and install it wherever you want.

inlice Beach Entrance Fee
Inlice Beach Entrance Fee

Where is Inlice Beach? And How to get there?

Address: Inlice Mh. – Fethiye / MUGLA

Transportation: Going from Dalyan to Fethiye direction, you will see Inlice sign after passing Gocek. Follow this sign for about 4-5 kilometers and then you can reach the beach. The road occasionally comes up with hard and sharp bends. You should go slowly and carefully.

In addition, the public transport from Dalaman during the season, they organize expeditions. You can also easily get to Gocek from the beach by using these minibuses.

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