Calis Beach
Calis Beach

Calis beach, which is located very close to the Fethiye city center of Mugla, is a very suitable town for those who want to experience nature and entertainment together with many different hotels and restaurants of different concepts.The guests of the town are so impressed by the nature that there are those who say, “You can even just go to the sunset to work“. It is one of the rare beaches where the sea turtles of the genus Caretta Caretta have recently been exposed to the risk of extinction.In addition to this, the nature park in the Sat Burnu’s is home to 214 bird species.

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Calis Beach

Apart from hotels along the beach, the town is also a popular destination for surfing lovers.For this reason, tens of thousands of surfers are accommodated each year. If you wish you can enjoy the entertainment in the resort’s world famous bars and nightclubs.The resort has an active nightlife that lasts until the first light of the morning.

Calis Beach Fethiye

However, in late April, Calis Beach is home to the endangered Caretta Carettas and continues until the end of November.Therefore, May and November are the best times to visit Calis.

If you don’t just want to swim during the holiday, but also want to live in the nature, you can stay in one of the hotels in the resort in April – November and witness the Caretta Carettas running towards the sea.

Where to Stay in Calis Beach?

Calis hotels in many different concepts offer special and different services to accommodate their guests. The hotels in the resort include luxury resorts, nature intertwined boutiques and apart hotels for crowded families.Some of the Calis hotels are located just behind the beach, while others are located in the inner parts of the resort. There are also 50-room hotels and 90-room hotels in Calis. But during the holiday season at the hotel and the beach so to speak if you throw the needle does not fall.

One of the good things about staying here is that there is another world-famous beach like Ölüdeniz in the immediate vicinity. If you have used accommodation options around Fethiye and Calis, even if the beach is crowded, you can find another beach where you can run away and lay your towel.

You can reach by phone numbers to get detailed information about hotels.

Koc Sun Hotel * 3 – Phone: (0252) 613 63 60

Tugay Hotel * 2 – Phone: (252) 622 14 14

Ceren Hotel * 2 – Phone: (0252) 622 11 30

Where is Calis Beach? How to go ?

800 kilometers to Istanbul,

630 kilometers from Ankara,

334 kilometers to Izmir,

It is 120 km away from Mugla.

Transportation by Road

Calis Beach is located in Fethiye; After crossing İzmir, Aydın and Muğla, turn towards Fethiye-Göcek. Calis is located 5 kilometers from the center of Fethiye. If you want to spend your holiday in Fethiye Calis you can reach the beautiful town by bus or by air using Dalaman Airport, which is about 50 kilometers away.

Transportation by Air

If you want to reach Calis from Mugla Dalaman Airport by public transport, you can find minibuses and vehicles departing from the airport to Fethiye city center regularly every hour. The journey time cannot be predicted since the vehicle stops and stops may change.

You can reach Calis by private taxi from Mugla Dalaman Airport. It allows you to quickly get to your destination without waiting for other passengers at the airport to be prepared and departure times for public transport. You can reach Calis after a fast and comfortable journey.

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