Kuleli Bay Beach Fethiye Mugla
Kuleli Beach Fethiye

We strongly recommend those who choose Fethiye for their holiday to do a peninsula tour. The peninsula deserves to be included in your holiday plans with its location close to the center and accessible, as well as quiet and beautiful bays.

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In this article, Kuleli Bay Beach features, Sunbed and entrance fee, where? And how to get there? We’ve tried to share information as well as useful information.

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Kuleli Beach General Information

One of the bays on the Fethiye Peninsula is Kuleli Bay Beach. It welcomes many local and foreign tourists every year with its natural beauty, turquoise color and clean sea as well as its golden yellow beach. It is a very suitable place especially for those who are expecting a quiet holiday surrounded by nature. Its location close to the center of Fethiye is another feature that allows you to take part in your holiday plans.

Kuleli Bay Beach Sand
Kuleli Bay Beach Sand

Kuleli Beach Properties

It has a unique beauty where blue and green meet. On one side of the vast beauty of the clean sea on the other side of the beautiful shades of green exhibiting the forest. You will not find words that can describe the sense of peace and relaxation that silence brings. It is incredibly enjoyable to spend time here with a book or a special hobby if you have one. Wind and wave sounds make you rest so much that you get rid of the nervousness, stress and fatigue of the whole work. In other words, if we put it together briefly, the most important feature of the sheep is a quiet, calm and peaceful environment intertwined with nature.

Kuleli Bay Beach

Let’s come to the most curious part of the sheep. Although the beach consists of pebbles in places, most parts of the beach are generally. The sea floor also has these features. The sea is generally waveless and calm. Not to mention the cleanliness and clarity.

Kuleli Beach Mugla
Kuleli Beach Mugla

And when it comes to depth, it doesn’t get deeper. It is a very ideal beach for beginners, those who do not know very well swimming and families with children.

There is also a private business within the beach. Here you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as tents and gazebos belonging to the business. Let us remind you that you can meet your food and beverage needs in the business.

Kuleli Beach Entrance Fee

Entrance to the bay is completely free. However, those who arrive by car have to pay a parking fee of 20 Turkish Lira. You can also lay your own umbrella and towel and you can also choose Kuleli Bay Beach which has the same name in the bay.

Kuleli Bay Beach Entrance Fee
Kuleli Bay Beach Entrance Fee

Prices are above average in general and service is also close to ideal. Before you enter the business, you buy 1 card and load money into it. You need to reload as you spend. At the end of the day you can get a refund in the evening if there is money left on your card. Also for those who want to know;

2 Sunbeds and 1 Umbrella: 30 Turkish Lira.

Where is Kuleli Beach? And How to get there?

Address: Keciler Mahallesi – Fethiye / MUGLA

Transportation: Transportation by car, public transportation and boat is available. Those who will arrive by car should proceed from the port road towards Karagözler direction. About 3 kilometers after you pass the holiday village, you will see the Kuleli Bay Beach sign on the right.

Those who want to come by public transport can get on the dolmuş departing from the city center. Let us remind you that the fee per person is 8 pounds per person.

Those who want to come by boat can also prefer boat tours departing from the harbor. These boats cost 20 Lira per person.

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