Kabak Bay Beach Fethiye Mugla
Kabak Bay Beach Fethiye Mugla

Kabak Bay Beach, we continue to introduce Fethiye’s unique bays. In this article, we will talk about the bay which was discovered in 1987 and has a 200 meters long beach in a deep valley with waterfalls and ponds. Where is Kabak Bay Beach, as well as its features, camping and accommodation facilities? How to go? In this article with information and more.

Footnote: When you plan to come here and enjoy the sea, we recommend you to take a look at the places to visit in Fethiye Beach.

Kabak Bay Beach General Information

The cove is located in the village of Faralya in the south of Fethiye. Faralya Village is approximately 8 kilometers away from Fethiye. The village is located on a slope sloping to the sea and is covered with red pine forests. This village where both the red pines and the unique blue color meet is protected as a first degree protected area.

There are 2 ways to reach the bay from Faralya village. You can either walk by following the red and white signs, or you will have the excitement of riding the similar vehicles of the village people on the tractor. If your preference is to remind you that you need to pay 10 pounds per person.

The discovery of Kabak Cove was in 1987. The discoveries increased as the coves such as Oludeniz and Butterfly Valley were discovered and known. This is a place that emerged during the discovery period.

Those who do not like nature-related activities should definitely not prefer this place for vacation. Because here you are alone with nature. For those who are overwhelmed by city life, rush, crowds, noise and noise pollution and who want to be away from stress, it is definitely one of the places to be preferred.

Kabak Bay Beach Sand
Kabak Bay Beach Sand

Kabak Bay Beach Properties

The bay is located at the point where a deep valley meets the sea. The canyon-shaped valley, which is surrounded by dense slopes on 3 sides, ends with the Beach, which is approximately 200 meters wide. This bay, which has a rare geological structure with these slopes and beach, which is approximately 800 meters long, includes the Waterfalls and Ponds formed by Aladere. These waterfalls and ponds complete the unique view, like the last touch-up of the canyon.

Kabak Bay Beach Fethiye
Kabak Bay Beach Fethiye

Kabak Bay Beach

A small beach about 200 meters long. There is no site because there is a protected area. Admission is free. There is also a place where you can take a shower when you leave the sea and it’s free.As there is no facility, you cannot meet your beach needs such as sun beds and umbrellas. You can solve this problem by getting a mat or mat beforehand. You can also generate an idea for an umbrella.

As for the characteristics of the sea, it cannot be said that it is very clear when it is crowded (July and August). When the sea is usually choppy, it is crowded and blurry, so it is not attractive at all. You may regret if you prefer in the season.

Since the water level deepens at a time, it can be dangerous for families with children who do not know how to swim well.

Kabak Bay Camping and Accommodation

Since it is a natural protected area, accommodation services cannot be said to be highly developed. Accommodation consists of 5-6 pensions, bungalows and 4-5 camping facilities.

Kabak Bay Camping
Kabak Bay Camping

You can choose to stay in Faralya Village. The situation in the village is not much different, but here we can say that the hostels are superior to the level in the bay.

One – Two Small Tips;

* For those who plan to stay more than 2 days, we recommend that you choose the pensions on the beach. Going out between Faralya and Kabak Bay can be very tiring both financially and physically.

* Prices may be quite high if you do not make a reservation in advance. Definitely don’t go in July – August or if you are going during these months, book early.

Where is Kabak Bay? And How to get there?

Address: Uzunyurt Mahallesi, Uzunyurt Village – Fethiye / MUGLA

Transportation: You should first come to the village of Faralya with the minibuses departing from Fethiye center. The journey takes about 1 hour. The fee is 8 Lira per person. Those who want to come by car; They should continue from Fethiye to Oludeniz. You can follow Faralya Village by following the steep and winding road towards Oludeniz.

Transportation from the village to the village is provided by foot or by vehicles similar to a tractor. The vehicle costs 10 pounds per person.

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