Karaot Beach Fethiye
Karaot Beach Fethiye

If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful holiday, this beach in Fethiye is for you. The beach in the protected area has an untouched natural structure and a fairytale beauty where green and blue embrace. Karaot Beach features, general information, entrance fee, where? and How to get there? information in this article for you.

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Karaot Beach General Information

Beach in Fethiye’s Yanıklar Village is the right address for those looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday. Karaot beach is a paradise with its natural structure and untouched beauty. In addition, the wetlands around the beach, citrus gardens, adobe houses burned in the historical texture of the village is added to the taste of a holiday is inedible. After using the pathways in the village and disappearing among the greenery, finding yourself in the arms of the deep blue water gives you a completely different peace of mind.

To the west of the beach, there are many living and plant species in the Akgöl fresh water lake and its large reeds. In this part, citrus orchards are located, while the eastern side is covered by the Sweetgum Tree Forest, which goes down to the sea shore.

Karaot Beach Sand Fethiye
Karaot Beach Sand Fethiye Mugla

Karaot Beach Properties

At the point where the sea of Kargi ends and meets a hill, the sandy part is called Karaot Beach. The most important feature of the beach is its untouched natural structure. A legendary place where lush nature embraces the deep blue sea. The area where the beach is located is designated as a protected area. This is because an endangered creature lives here. Caretta Caretta turtles. Fethiye plajs many beaches are the natural habitat of these creatures. It is possible to observe the natural life of these endangered species here.

The beach is sandy with seashore and sea floor. There is no doubt that you can enjoy quite in this respect.

We can say that it has shallow water at sea level. With this feature, it can be preferred for families who do not know swimming well and families with children.

There is not a single word that can be called the cleanliness and clarity of water. The glass is as bright and vivid as the aquarium. I say like an aquarium because you can see many sea creatures while swimming.

It is not possible to come across a facility because the beach is a protected area. You can’t even find a toilet. Food and Beverage needs to be provided in advance to provide your needs.

Attention: You can not put your umbrella anywhere on the beach. The reason for this is that the caretta caretta turtles living here can lay eggs everywhere. You have to set up umbrellas for a certain point in the post.

Karaot Beach Entrance Fee

Beach access costs 30 Lira per person. For those arriving by car, the fee is 50 Lira. There is no facility that provides rental services such as umbrellas or sun loungers. It is also useful to provide your food and beverage needs in advance.

Karaot Beach Entrance Fee
Karaot Beach Entrance Fee

Where is Karaot Beach? and How to get there?

Address: Yaniklar Koyu – Fethiye / MUGLA

Transportation: You can reach the beach which is about 15 kilometers away from Fethiye city center by using D 400 highway (in direction of Gocek) by private car in about 20 minutes. First you will see Kargı and then Yanıklar Village. After arriving at Yanıklar Village, you turn to a thin and winding road on the left. At the end of the path you will see the barrier. After paying the entrance fee, you will proceed to Karaot beach.

Location information